Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello blog!  I've been very slow on updating the blog for now because the holiday season has taken effect and I've been doing a lot of traveling (sessions in New England and Minnesota!).  For now, I've been posting previews on my Facebook page, so please check that out as I work on getting blog posts up.  :)  And since blog posts are no fun with out a photo, here's one of my girl Tabitha enjoying bubbles and fall weather when we were in Minnesota last week.  xo, V

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The M Family

Remember Miss Ella?  Well, this time I got the chance to do a family session with her and look at her now!!  I love it when families bring their own props, and we had a lot of fun working with some colorful balloons.  We had a good ol' time getting dirty (and pricked) in the Back Bay.  Thanks A & A for a great evening!!  xo, V

I love how the balloons add a pop of color.M-9 blkM-13-15M-8-14M-4

These two are too cute!
M-16M-6M-1 blk

One of my favorites
M-7 blkM-5 blkM-21M-19M-20 blkM-17-18M-2 blkM-11M-10M-12

Remember how I said pricked?  Well it was this bugger of a cactus that got my ankle!  But so worth it.  :)M-3 blk