Friday, September 30, 2011

The M Family

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with twins, I started to notice all things twin around me.  It was easy to spot the same gender sets, but the boy girl sets made it fun to play the "are they twins?" game in my head.   So, it was a lot of fun to do a session with just-turned-2-year-old twins Sean and Anna and see the dynamics between the two.  Anna definitely is the boss!  I love it!!  Thanks for a fun session, A & B!!

Love this one - a little birthday celebration... right before the chalkboards when into the fountain!  Gotta love 2-year-olds!!  :)
M-9 blk
M-10 blk

Such an adorable family!

M-11M-12M-13-17M-14M-18M-21 blkM-2M-20 blkM-19M-15-16M-3

A quick change of clothes to commemorate 9/11.  
M-4M-22M-7 blk

 I love the new bikes Anna & Sean got for their birthday.
M-8 blkM-24M-23

Such GORGEOUS eyes!!!  Watch out ladies!!


Beautiful day with a beautiful family.
M-5 blk

Friday, September 16, 2011

C Family Fun

I love meeting new families!  What a fun session I had with the C Family.  This was their first time taking family photos, so I did not want to disappoint!  Lainey &  Gavin were so fun to work with - and they knew how to work the camera!!  They were up for anything and we had the most beautiful day in such a beautiful park!  Thanks for a fun session, B & D!!  I hope you enjoyed your first session experience!  xo, V

What a gorgeous family, no?

With such adorable kids!C-1C-5C-15 blkC-2-13C-6-7C-19 blkC-17C-21 blkC-22C-14-16C-24 blkC-10 blk

I love these ones of Mommy!!

C-11-23C-18C-4 blkC-8-9C-12C-20

Friday, September 9, 2011

Diana + Wayne... My Brother's Hawaiian Wedding

I am still dreaming of our Hawaiian vacation from this past June... it had to be one of the best vacations I've ever had.  We had a fabulous time on the island of Kaua'i - my favorite Hawaiian island so far!  My kids had an amazing time and it was just great to spend time with my immediate family.

And the whole reason for going to Kaua'i?  My little brother's wedding.  I still can't believe my little bro is all growed up!  We couldn't be happier for Wayne and for our new family member Diana!  

Diana and Wayne have actually known each other for 7 years, but did not start dating until 2 years ago.  They are seriously the exact same person except one's a guy and one's a girl.  They are both 5th grade teachers (for rival schools in the same school district).  They both are workout fiends.  They both eat super duper healthy.   They both love travel, athletics, and yes, gangsta rap. They formed a (Xbox) "Rock Band" called SOL where Wayne was the singer and Diana was the drummer.  Yes, they are that nerdy... but I secretly wanted to be in the band.  Seriously though, they couldn't have been a better fit for each other.  I love seeing them together, how happy they are and how they are always talking.  I knew my brother was smitten and it was the sweetest thing (insert big sister gag here - we have a funny relationship).

Diana and Wayne decided to get married in Kaua'i because Diana had always wanted to get married near her grandparents house near the beach.  Her grandparents and dad grew up in Kaua'i and Diana spent a lot of summers there.  It was such a perfect place for them!

We first did some formal shots on Baby Beach... right near Diana's grandparent's backyard.  The ceremony and reception were at The Beach House near Poipu.  

Diana, you are such a beautiful bride!  You were so calm and so laid back.  I love that about you.  Wayne... I know we joke around a lot, but truly, you were the best little henchman a big sister boss could have.  I am so, so happy for you!!  Love you both!!

I love this photo... they are so happy.
D+W-3 blk

This was right after the first look.  Wayne couldn't stop kissing Diana and checking her out.
D+W-11-12D+W-17 blkD+W-13
D+W-10-16D+W-1-2D+W-4 blkD+W-6 blkD+W-5-9
D+W-7-8D+W-18 blkD+W-19 blk

The Ceremony
Wayne waiting for Diana to walk down the aisle.
D+W-21 blk D+W-22-23

I love how small and intimate their wedding was.  And that Wayne's friend from college, Sherman, was their officiant.
D+W-24D+W-25D+W-26 blkD+W-27 blkD+W-28 blk

My 'lil bro shedding a tear.  :)
D+W-29 blk

There were many tears after the ceremony.  I love this photo of Diana's father, my sister, and my mom in the background.D+W-30

Love this one of my son, Aaron and Diana.  He LOVES his Auntie Diana.  And one of me and my siblings... and my little niece!
D+W-35D+W-34D+W-32D+W-37 blk

Right when the reception started, it started to pour!  Rain on your wedding day is good luck!  The best part was that the dancing started and everyone danced in the rain and was soaked!  It was so much fun!!  Congratulation Diana & Wayne!!  xoxo