Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Family Wedding

This past weekend we went to a family wedding. I had never been to a traditional Vietnamese ceremony before and it was very interesting. The food was excellent and the girls were the flower girls. Remember the shots of them with their ao dai's? Well that was practice. Here are a few shots from the day.

Katie being a great model for Auntie Vinnie.

Miss Samantha

Samantha's shoes

Nate on daddy's shoulder
Aaron and his "wheeee-el" (I wish I took that stupid bib off!)

My favorites of the day: Nathaniel twirling some sparkly thing.

And the Bride and Groom

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aidan, Nate & Aaron

I met up with my friend Shelley and her son Aidan yesterday at Turtle Rock Park to do some practicing. What a cool park with bridges, streams, little shacks, a playground - a great place to practice - plus an overcast day. It was wild with 3 boys running around and us trying to control and take photos of them. They have no fear: they wanted to go in the stream, they climbed everything and chased ducks. That equation = lots of blurry photos. But here are the ones I got - it was so much fun and can't wait to do it again!

The little A-Man. He gave me tons of smiles!

And some of Nate & Aaron

I couldn't get one with all 3 boys in it - this is the best I could get. No one would look at the camera.
You can see Shelley's photos here. She got a lot of great ones! Can't wait to practice again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The C Fam

We had a wonderful time with our friends, Colleen & Scott and their girls, Jillian & Sophie yesterday. It had been too long since we last got together. My boys and Sophie are 10 days apart. It was so fun to be pregnant at the same time with Colleen. Miss Jilli-bean is growing so fast - she will be 6 in a few weeks! Time goes so fast - I remember going through Colleen's pregnancy with her and thinking the whole growing a person in your body was so freakin' weird (still do). I value our friendship so much and am so happy that our kids can grow up together. I just wish we lived closer together!

Here are a few photos from the day. Aren't these girls gorgeous?

They get their blue eyes from daddy.

And their beauty from mommy.

After barbecuing at the house, we walked over to the nearby Mar Vista Recreation Park. What an amazing playground. The boys went crazy in the sand and Sophie loves the swings!

And Jillian loved pushing her in the swing.

Some of Jillian

Isn't this girl just stunning?

And Sophie looks just like her sissy did when she was a baby. We know how gorgeous she's going to get too.

The beautiful family

And I just like this photo even though it's out of focus and overexposed.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blog Worthy?

I wasn't sure whether or not to add these to this blog, but I got a lot of good feedback, so I think they're blog-worthy. :) Just a few of my boys in a lettuce field.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Girls

Yesterday I had the opportunity to practice shooting on our nieces at Katelin's 5th Birthday party. I cannot believe how fast 5 years went!! We had a wonderful time at her party and what perfect little models! Thanks Joe & Diane for the fun party (boys are exhausted) and for producing cute kids for me to shoot. :) Oh - and for letting me borrow your 30D! I LOVED it. So some of these shots are out of the 30D and some out of my Rebel XT.

Birthday Girl Katie patiently waiting for her slice of cake.The 3 girls. Katelin, Samantha, Stephanie

The big sisters
Baby sister Stephanie

A detail of Stephanie's ao dai (and cell phone)

Trying to play with back light and I like how this turned out.


Mommy & two girls (and Fifi too!) **I know this one is noisy b/c I left the ISO at 1600 after shooting some inside shots. :(

The whole family

And lastly, Miss Stephanie eating a cookie