Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello blog!  I've been very slow on updating the blog for now because the holiday season has taken effect and I've been doing a lot of traveling (sessions in New England and Minnesota!).  For now, I've been posting previews on my Facebook page, so please check that out as I work on getting blog posts up.  :)  And since blog posts are no fun with out a photo, here's one of my girl Tabitha enjoying bubbles and fall weather when we were in Minnesota last week.  xo, V

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The M Family

Remember Miss Ella?  Well, this time I got the chance to do a family session with her and look at her now!!  I love it when families bring their own props, and we had a lot of fun working with some colorful balloons.  We had a good ol' time getting dirty (and pricked) in the Back Bay.  Thanks A & A for a great evening!!  xo, V

I love how the balloons add a pop of color.M-9 blkM-13-15M-8-14M-4

These two are too cute!
M-16M-6M-1 blk

One of my favorites
M-7 blkM-5 blkM-21M-19M-20 blkM-17-18M-2 blkM-11M-10M-12

Remember how I said pricked?  Well it was this bugger of a cactus that got my ankle!  But so worth it.  :)M-3 blk

Friday, September 30, 2011

The M Family

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with twins, I started to notice all things twin around me.  It was easy to spot the same gender sets, but the boy girl sets made it fun to play the "are they twins?" game in my head.   So, it was a lot of fun to do a session with just-turned-2-year-old twins Sean and Anna and see the dynamics between the two.  Anna definitely is the boss!  I love it!!  Thanks for a fun session, A & B!!

Love this one - a little birthday celebration... right before the chalkboards when into the fountain!  Gotta love 2-year-olds!!  :)
M-9 blk
M-10 blk

Such an adorable family!

M-11M-12M-13-17M-14M-18M-21 blkM-2M-20 blkM-19M-15-16M-3

A quick change of clothes to commemorate 9/11.  
M-4M-22M-7 blk

 I love the new bikes Anna & Sean got for their birthday.
M-8 blkM-24M-23

Such GORGEOUS eyes!!!  Watch out ladies!!


Beautiful day with a beautiful family.
M-5 blk

Friday, September 16, 2011

C Family Fun

I love meeting new families!  What a fun session I had with the C Family.  This was their first time taking family photos, so I did not want to disappoint!  Lainey &  Gavin were so fun to work with - and they knew how to work the camera!!  They were up for anything and we had the most beautiful day in such a beautiful park!  Thanks for a fun session, B & D!!  I hope you enjoyed your first session experience!  xo, V

What a gorgeous family, no?

With such adorable kids!C-1C-5C-15 blkC-2-13C-6-7C-19 blkC-17C-21 blkC-22C-14-16C-24 blkC-10 blk

I love these ones of Mommy!!

C-11-23C-18C-4 blkC-8-9C-12C-20