Sunday, April 24, 2011

For Grandma

You know how I love seeing large extended families together?  Well, this one was my biggest family to date - 22 people!!  The best part was that they all got together for Grandma who is turning 80 years old.  What a wonderful gift to give her!  And, this family was so fun and close with one another... I absolutely adore that!  We had a windy day, yet it was so beautiful out.  The location was gorgeous and the kids had the best energy.  Here is a big preview of the day... fun, fun family!

22 people... the youngest at 1 month old!
V-1 blk
V-19-20 blk
V-4-5-10-11 blk
V-3 blk
V-12-18 blk
V-13-14 blk
V-21 blk
V-15-16 blk
V-27 blk
V-9-34 blk
V-23-24 blk
V-33 blk

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Things

First thing:  My good friend, Erin Tukua, started an amazing new blog for the average momma looking to learn how to use a DSLR camera.  Please go check out Shuttermomma!!  It is awesome information, tips, and tricks on how to shoot your little one.  And how do I know that Erin & Erinn are awesome teachers?  Erin T. personally taught me how to shoot in manual.  She is so fun and makes it so easy to learn.  And what better way to learn than to learn from pros???  Become a fan on FB too!

Second thing:  I have been wanting to get photos of myself and the kids.  And the desire grew even more after I read this very moving post by Deb Schwedhelm Photography, Is There a Perfect Time?  There really is no perfect time and before you know it, the kids will grow up in a blink of the eye.  Enjoy these moments - there is no better time to capture the present like the present.

And third (I know I titled this "Two Thing" and here is #3...):   a photo of my 3 at the aquarium.  It's not a perfect photo by any means... but it is a perfect photo to me.  :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Extended R Family

It's one of my favorite families - this time in extended format.  :)  B contacted me about doing a spring shoot with her hub's side of the family.  7 adults.  7 kids.  It was going to be one crazy shoot!  Luckily, we were at a beautiful park with ducks to feed and lots of room to run.  And to top it off, it stopped raining and turned out to be a beautiful (yet windy) day!  Thanks again for a fun shoot, R Family!

First, we have the whole family together.  Not too bad - 5 of 7 kids not crying, right?  :)
And each of the individual families.  Can this get any better with geese in the background??  They were so not afraid and kept getting closer and closer to us!
R-12 blk
R-4 blk
R-15 blk
R-23-24 blk2
R-17-18 blk
R-19 blk

And one of my faves