Friday, August 26, 2011

The H Family

Way back in Dec. of 2010, I got an email from Samra, who was interested in a photo session for her brother-in-law's family.  We had a date down to accommodate everyone's schedule, but it kept getting rescheduled.  And so, 9 months later(!) I finally got to meet this super sweet family.  I have to say, this family is pretty amazing.  We decided to stay at the family home and when I walked in, there were so many people...  I could tell how close the family was!!  I met Samra and was introduced to J & M and their amazing little family.  I immediately began photographing the kids.  Are these kids cute or what?!?  The girls Laila & Elissa were so full of spunk and energy and big brother Bassam has the most beautiful eyes!  It was such a pleasure to watch this family in action and see the love between them.  Not only with J's immediate family, but with the extended family as well.  Watching J's brother Ned with Bassam was so special.  What an amazing bond they have!!

Thank you H Family for allowing me into your home and photographing your amazing little family!!  xo, V

Love little Elissa front and center!

Beautiful middle sister Laila H-6 
Big Brother Bassam and his striking eyes!
H-14 blk
Isn't Mom gorgeous?H-11-18 
H-17 blk
H-1 blk
H-2 blk
I love the one on the right.  The girls were watching Justin Bieber videos.
I loved watching the interaction between Uncle Ned and Bassam.  It was so incredibly sweet and full of so much love.
H-15 blk

Thanks for letting me capture your family, J &M!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Tukua Family Love

Nothing makes me more nervous than photographing a photographer.  I did a maternity for one photographer, a holiday family shoot for another, and this time, my good friend , Erin Tukua, asked me to photograph her adorable family.  Erin and I met over on "The Nest" and we bonded over the fact that we both have identical twin boys.  We cried and supported each other through the trials of raising twin newborns, now toddlers, and now having a singleton in the mix too!  So, why was I so nervous?  Erin was the one who helped me learn to use my camera.  She has encouraged me from the beginning and it has been great to work with her on many occasions.  So, I tried to pretend she was a 'normal' client and shot away.  

Erin is such a creative photographer.  She includes the cutest props in her sessions.  She had this great nautical idea for her family photos and I have to give her all the credit for the props you see in this session.  All hers!  I can't wait to share with you our family session that Erin did for us.

So, we headed to Long Beach and had a super fun evening with the boys.  xoxo

Erin, you've got one perfect little family!
T-14 blk

 Handsome boys! 
Mommy and Gavin

Love Gav's 2 little teeth.
Erin even made these awesome origami boats!
T-22 blk
Brandon & Brody loved the water. 
We had a little donut picnic at the end.  The boys are addicted to donuts right now.  It was so cute to see how they ate them!T-7 blk 
Gavin even joined in on the milk and donuts!  I think this was his first time enjoying this tasty treat. T1-29
This bird would not leave us alone!
 Gavin loved the sand!
Play time with daddy. T-37-38
I love this one - the looks on the boys' faces says it all. T-39 blk
Thank you, Erin, Shawn & the boys!!!  I hope you love these as much as I do.  xoxo