Sunday, March 20, 2011

The C Family

When S told us almost 2 years ago she was moving to Texas, we were all so sad.  She is part of my mom group and we had been learning to shoot together.  I was so excited when S told me they were coming to CA for a visit and asked me to do a session with her beautiful family!!  I couldn't wait to see her and the fam - Emma is the sweetest and little Aidan has grown so much!  It was a beautiful day - I only wish we had more time to spend together.  We miss you, S!!  xoxo

Let's start off with these adorable kids!

Here's the beautiful family!
C-2 blk
C-4 blk

Look at this gorgeous mom!
C-3 blk

And a strong one!
C-15 blk
C-11-12 blk
C-18 blk

So happy they were willing to do a few funnies.
C-10 blk
C-13 blk
C-8 blk

Love this one.
C-19 blk

A couple of my favorites

What a gorgeous day!
C-7 blk

And this has to be one of my all time favorites!  Emma was doing a few cheerleading jumps for me.  Sheer Joy!
C-22 blk

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I've known A since he was about 6 years old.  And look at him now!  We did a few photos for the yearbook and if you thought it was hard to get babies to smile... try getting a 14-year-old to crack one.  :) We did, and you can see a handsome man in the making.  xo
A-1 blk
A-10-11 blk
A-12 blk
A-13 blk

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Carla & Grant

I met Carla probably about 10 years ago when we were both Junior Interior Designers.  We were invited on a vendor trip to Catalina Island where we met.  I think we were probably the youngest there at the time so we just clicked.  I still remember that trip pretty well for how terrible my memory is.  From that point on, Carla and I kept in touch.  Carla had moved out of Orange County for a while, where we kept in touch through MySpace.  Then, we found each other on Facebook where it's been nice to see how we've been doing although we're no longer in the same area.

Carla's journey took her to Fort Irwin, where she was the event planner for the post.  There she met a Commander, Bowe.  And a year later, they were married.  Now together, their journey took them across the country to Washington D.C. right when they found out they were expecting their first child!  At the end of last year, little Grant was born.  When Grant was just 10 days old, the whole family drove back to California! 

As much joy as Grant's birth was, Bowe, now a Major in the Army, was deployed to Afghanistan when Grant was only 4 weeks old.  Carla has been a single mom since last October.  All I have to say is how strong and amazing she is.  And how strong Bowe is as well, as he only talks and sees his newborn son via Skype.  It brings tears to my eyes how amazing this family is and I am just so excited for Carla & Grant when Bowe returns for 2 weeks in May.  Then, they won't see him again until this October when he'll be back for good. 

Carla had asked me to take 6 month photos of Grant.  I was so excited to finally meet the little guy and to see Carla again.  It had been a long time!  So, on Grant's 6-month Birthday, we had the best time taking photos.  You can see how happy little Grant is and how much he LOVES the camera!  I have fallen in love with this little guy... he is sooo perfect and adorable.  So, Thank You, Bowe, for your sacrifice as you serve our country!  And Carla, you are one amazing woman and mother!!  Little Grant couldn't have better parents!!  xoxo

Look at this handsome fella!

And his gorgeous momma
A-1 blk

I can't get over how happy and adorable he is.  The sweetest!
A-6 blk

Love this one of G checking out Mommy's bracelet
A-2 blk
A-9 blk
A-12.13 blk
A-15 blk
A-3 blk
A-16 blk

I love this one.  Grant was kissing and licking his Daddy Doll.  He just finished kissing Daddy.

And the last few with Daddy Doll.  Love you guys!! xo
A-18 blk
A-19 blk